The 'Girls' & 'Boys'

Boys & Girls

Meet our dedicated young team


VW Splitscreen Bus

Our Left Hand Drive 1967 Splitscreen, she is Nyssie's Sister. Together as a pair they look stunning. Betsy started off life as a blue German born panel van. She has a spearmint & white exterior with some chrome trim which finshes her off to a very high standard, a complete transformation from her original look. She has a custom made luxury curved seat, with trim that matches her exterior, she will comfortably sit six. With some high level lighting & with the coxy interior, she is a real head turner ... 


VW Splitscreen Bus

Our Left Hand Drive 1967 'Splitty' not the oldest of the fleet, German born with plenty of character, always a popular crowd pleaser. She has been restored with a spearmint green and white exterior with colour maching interior, lowered to give her that dazzling look. She can sit three comfortably in the back, with an extra person who can sit up at the front. She has plenty of room in the back to make sure that any 'Bride' or 'Groom' can be extra comfortable on their special day ...


VW Splitscreen 


Our Left Hand Drive 1963 Splitscreen. He is very unique to our fleet in many, many ways. He is German by origin with an old school air cooled engine but has the the extra 15 Windows allowing full panoramic views inside and out. He has been lowered with a ratty/patina exterior, so you can be assured that he will definetly draw in a crowd. He has been configured as a 'Microbus' so will sit five comfortably, with coffee bag card interior he has to be seen to be believed ... 


VW Bay Window


Our fully restored Right Hand Drive white 1978 bay window bus. Shes our new girl and already an absolute hit. She can seat six with her custom made luxury curved seating with white leather matching her exterior, to give her loads of extra room and comfort in the back. With low level lighting which can be tailored to suit any Wedding party theme ...


VW Beetle

Our Left Hand Drive 1962 VW Beetle the 'Old Man' of the fleet. His interior is white with all its original features. Our oldest car, but he always raises a wave and a smile by any passerby whenever he drives the Bride to her special day ...


Personalised to individual needs

Our packages are tailored to suit each and every couple, from choosing the Vehicle(s) to the flowers that are placed inside.


We aim to give you the VW Experience on your wedding day that you've always dreamed of.


Waffle, Crepe & Coffee Van

Wally is a 1964 Australian, right hand drive Waffle Van.


He is the perfect addition to any party, event or festival, he is eye catching, Quirky and fun and makes everyone smile just looking at him.


He is equipped to provide fresh Waffles, Crepes, Ice-cream and Coffee.

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